Many clannies have asked me to make changes to ranks.. and to promote people..


I cannot :(

The ENTIRE clan ranking system for HORUS Original Clans are broken.

This has been a problem that has existed since the SERVER MERGE between Horus and Raven

Horus Clan Founders with this problem cannot:

Change ranks names.
Change rank levels.

I have put in a ticket about this issue. I have talked with MANY GMS they told me they thought that this problem was fixed and that I need to urge ALL FOUNDERS to turn a ticket in on this issue.

I know there are some deserving clannies that should be promoted to higher ranks.. but I CANNOT because its broken,,,

I promise as soon as they fix this I will promote ALL members that are ready. If you have any questions or wish to talk with me about this post in the forums or use the shoutbox .

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