Fist of the ogre Remembers Rubies of Eventide.

The History of Fist

A while back before FIST came to Regnum. We played a game called Rubies of Eventide. Rubies is now gone but Fist of the Ogre remembers this game fondly. At some point on our old clansite (which is still up. there are 2 older ones floating around out there) I posted our beginings in the forums. This is a copy of the post from days long ago.

Well folks what can i say.... its been a rough year for rubies.

and FIST has remained strong. We still remain the best guild on halberd. The quality of people we have in our guild is unsurpassed by any. Our forums visited, even by other guilds on other servers. We may not rank #1 on the top list, but that has never matter much to us. We have retained our honor through difficult times, and we didn't let the strus's or Faetal's break our will.

Fist also posses some history. history not many even know.

When I started playing rubies. It was on halberd, and i was a clueless noob.
there were a few guilds in the game... older ones barely ever mentioned now. I played for a week and was inducted into the Black Hand Merc's it was my first guild.

I wasn't in Black Hand Mercs(BCM) very long when the upper level toons decided that BHM was to be their filter guild for their new and more organized guild ...... Justice. Also around this same time, some members instead of moving to justice created the Pirates.

it took me 1 week week to hit 30th. That was the requirement to become a Justice member. You had to stay in BHM until 30th, then you could "Evolve"

being in Justice was awesome. The players were smart friendly and we all helped each other.. but it wasn't long. Justice encountered internal problems that tore the guild apart.

Some members left and went to pirates like Hawk. Others stopped playing all together. Some made their own guilds.

It was at this time I decided that I would create Fist of the Ogre.

One of the things that i wasn't aware of was how long Halberd had been up before I found it,.

I found Halberd apx 35-40 days after it had been put up.

So to make it simple Fist was Created about 55-60 days after Hally was born. I had a mission to collect the loose and old members of Justice .. which i did in fact do.. even down to the old Justice guild leader Serranor himself is Fist. Fist stands in the shadow of Justice. and not many know our history. We are deep, mature, intelligent players, and will always be.

Only one other guild can hold active and old status, and thats the pirates.
Many don't understand our relationship with the pirates.. hey what can i say we go back. heh.

If the pirates were to ever disband it would make FIST the oldest guild on the server and as best as i can tell thats better then the # 1 slot any day.

I hope you guys liked this. Its our history, Junior members should know just how Rooted we are.

So enjoy your Holiday!@!!!!!!!! and see you soon

Rubies of Eventide - RIP - 2003 - 2009

Rubies of Eventide (RoE or Rubies) was a free to play (donation-funded) massively multiplayer online role-playing game previously published by Mnemosyne, LLC. Powered by the Lithtech Jupiter engine, Rubies of Eventide is set in the medieval fantasy world of Vormis represented by a 3D world. The game launched in June 2003 and after 6 years, ceased operation in August 2009.


CyberWarrior, Inc. launched Rubies of Eventide on 2 June 2003 as a paid service. Citing low subscription rates, CyberWarrior announced that the game would cease operations in December, 2003 but later managed to secure additional funding for some months. Later, two former CyberWarrior developers, together with the founder of the game, set up a private server to play the game with close friends and relatives, but found that some hardcore fans managed to hook themselves to their connection. After leasing the game to Mnemosyne, LLC. in 2004, the mmorpg continued to operate today on a donation-based model. Players were able to start and play accounts for free (with limited server space), while patrons gain priority in game access during peak usage, and certain in-game benefits.

Mnemosyne, LLC., was founded by Julia Hiroko Howe in 2004 to manage and maintain the massively-multiplayer game "Rubies of Eventide."

In April 2009 a forum announcement was made stating that Mnemosyne, LLC no longer expressed their interests in the game and that they would no longer present the game, ownership was handed back to Founder Marc E. Howe who then shut down the Nemesis PVP Server, a decision which sparked a lot of controversy in the forums the move then resulted in characters being moved from Nemesis to the Phoenix server.

In late July 2009, Rubies of Eventide was put "offline until further notice". Several reasons were listed on the game's homepage. In early August 2009, an announcement was later made that the plug was pulled on Rubies of Eventide.

Rampant Player Killing and Uncensored Mayhem in Rubies of Eventide!

I was out on the web and i found a reference to ROE I thought you would all enjoy it.. tells a little about the environment that FIST grew up in as we were one of the TOP Halberd PvP Clans. Tristan was right... Halberd Server we policed our own.

Halberd PVP server has earned its reputation as the most chaotic and least regulated servers in the Eventide flock.

Rampant Player Killing and Uncensored Mayhem in Rubies of Eventide!

Ridgewood, NJ – April 5th, 2005 -- The carebears never saw it coming. The game was doing well, the players happy, and Game Moderators contented. But when first blood fell on the Halberd PVP server, a peaceful mmorpg by design suddenly became a bloody proving ground for the PVP prone.

Guildofficer Pookie, of Purity guild, comments on her guild’s growing assimilation of Halberd’s population, “Soon, all Halberd will be; one Pure bunch of Guild Purity! Well, ‘cept for some that like to backstab some others, and there's always a few dat want to challenge our greatness so we uh still haveta keep on our toes.”

Within a week of its introduction, the Halberd PVP server has earned its reputation as the most chaotic and least regulated servers in the Eventide flock. In stark contrast to Fire Opals, a rigidly moderated Role-Play Server, Halberd is the personification of wholesome unruly fun. Besides the three safe zones (Kajblood town, Kajblood Keep, and Founder's Isle) anywhere can be an arena for battle. To promote this new server, some custom tweaks were thrown into the mix to make life more challenging. For instance, loot bags are not protected, bodies of the slain can be hijacked by their victors and stashed away, /Help is a global taunt channel, PVP is active on characters over level 5, creatures are 30% more aggressive, strong language is tolerated, and for the time being naming rules are suspended. At first, Tristan (GM-Gabrielle) was skeptical, "Once I created a character and started playing though, the community once again proved itself to be superior to any other I’ve seen. If someone acts like a jerk, we just form a party and hunt them down. It doesn't get any better than that." Further encouraged by the ability to scout other players like mobs (creatures for the hunt), roving "funeral parties" are quite common on Halberd, a feature exclusive to Halberd only.

According to Jeff Grubb, Partner and Lead Programmer, "Often, the best defense is a strong character build. But we've got a few surprises planned to keep everyone humble, like incoming character clones from other servers.”

To play on the Halberd PVP Server, visit for sign-up and download instructions.

About Rubies of Eventide:

Rubies of Eventide is a promising example of change in the MMORPG industry. One of the first titles to go free-to-play, Rubies boldly stands out as an innovative game with unsurpassed value. Rubies defies the “Everquest” template by bringing back strategic RPG turn-based combat and emphasizing careful character-building. Rubies of Eventide has seven player races, 52 skills, and over 100 starting professions to choose from. With this system, no one is ever locked into a stereotypical role based on his or her choice of race and can fine-tune their skills however they please.

About Mnemosyne:

Mnemosyne, LLC, is a game house based in Ridgewood, NJ. Established in 2004 Mnemosyne is heading ongoing development efforts for “Rubies of Eventide” mmorpg in close co-operation with its player community.