Fist of the ogre Remembers Rubies of Eventide.

Rubies of Eventide - RIP - 2003 - 2009

Rubies of Eventide (RoE or Rubies) was a free to play (donation-funded) massively multiplayer online role-playing game previously published by Mnemosyne, LLC. Powered by the Lithtech Jupiter engine, Rubies of Eventide is set in the medieval fantasy world of Vormis represented by a 3D world. The game launched in June 2003 and after 6 years, ceased operation in August 2009.


CyberWarrior, Inc. launched Rubies of Eventide on 2 June 2003 as a paid service. Citing low subscription rates, CyberWarrior announced that the game would cease operations in December, 2003 but later managed to secure additional funding for some months. Later, two former CyberWarrior developers, together with the founder of the game, set up a private server to play the game with close friends and relatives, but found that some hardcore fans managed to hook themselves to their connection. After leasing the game to Mnemosyne, LLC. in 2004, the mmorpg continued to operate today on a donation-based model. Players were able to start and play accounts for free (with limited server space), while patrons gain priority in game access during peak usage, and certain in-game benefits.

Mnemosyne, LLC., was founded by Julia Hiroko Howe in 2004 to manage and maintain the massively-multiplayer game "Rubies of Eventide."

In April 2009 a forum announcement was made stating that Mnemosyne, LLC no longer expressed their interests in the game and that they would no longer present the game, ownership was handed back to Founder Marc E. Howe who then shut down the Nemesis PVP Server, a decision which sparked a lot of controversy in the forums the move then resulted in characters being moved from Nemesis to the Phoenix server.

In late July 2009, Rubies of Eventide was put "offline until further notice". Several reasons were listed on the game's homepage. In early August 2009, an announcement was later made that the plug was pulled on Rubies of Eventide.

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